Tactical Gear Lines Kydex Tourniquet Carrier
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The Tactical Gear Lines Tourniquet Carrier is designed to carry CAT type windlass tourniquets.

In every good load out or belt rig set up, be it for climbing, range time, hiking or any other critical situation, CAT Tourniquets are idea in the first line of defense to prevent blood loss. This carrier is designed to provide a light weight, belt or back pack (molle) storage option that also allows for quick and easy use should any event need a Tourniquet deployment.

The Carrier itself has a built in retention system for easy tightening and is tough and sturdy yet light, as it is constructed with .080 kydex of the color described in the this listing.

Every Tourniquet Carrier comes with Malice Clips (Black) Short for easy belt applications and for any molle gear weaving. Simply pop the secured tab on the rear of the malice clip and remove or adjust accordingly. The milling in the rear of the carrier is also a universal application used for all types of belt attachments. Feel free to swap them out.


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Tactical Gear Lines Kydex Tourniquet Carrier

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