Tactical Combat Casualty Documentation Card
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Tactical Combat Casualty Documentation Card

HHTC3V1 Combat Casualty Care Documentation Card

When you are rushing to save lives, knowing at a glance a patient’s injuries and treatments can save time and lives. The H&H Combat Care Documentation Cards provides immediate access to vital life-saving information in the field.

Made of high quality paper and designed to be small enough to fit in any trauma kit, the H&H Combat Care Documentation Card is a use-once, throw away tool to communicate to everyone quickly and efficiently.

This card is everything that is needed to document care under fire. All the provider has to do is circle the care that they gave and write in the time. Has a graph to record vital signs and medications given. Has a bar code for patient identification and tracking.

Our cards come in two versions. Our Standard Version (Item No. HHTC3V1) provides bar-coding for patient identification and tracking and includes a zip tie to easily attach the card to a wrist, ankle or button hole. Our Enhanced Version (Item No. HHTC3MC) includes a complete MIST report on the back in addition to the bar code and attaches with an elastic strap.

The H&H Tactical Combat Casualty Care Cards are standard issue in the following U.S. military kits:

  • Standard Card version
    • MES AIR AMB-2010 (UAC 257B)


HHTC3MC Enhanced Combat Casualty Care Documentation Card


  • Enhanced Version
  • Item Number: HHTC3MC
  • NSN 6515-01-590-7465
  • Product Dimensions: 8″ x 5.5″


  • Item #: HHTC3MC
  • Condition: New

Tactical Combat Casualty Documentation Card

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