TTM-SROK (School Resourse Officer Kit)
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This comprehensive kit gives the First Responder the tools to deal with injuries related: to serious bleeding (including gunshot wounds), chest wounds, scrapes, abrasions, breaks/fractures, etc. The contents themselves are individually packed and sterile with instructions on the packaging. The items in this kit are currently in use with the US Military and are battlefield proven.


Included are:

(1) Tear-Away IFAK Pouch (black, tan, green or red)

(1) CAT Tourniquet-- current military issue TQ and easiest to self-apply,

(1) SWAT Tourniquet - works for Pediatric and Veterinary as well as people

(2) Gloves (blue) -- Pair

(1) Combat Medic Tape --can be used to make chest seals, wrap wounds, etc.

(1) Chest Seals, Vented – 2-pac combat proven seals for penetrations of the chest cavity

(2) Vacuum packed roll of krinkle gauze - Wound wrapping and packing

(1) 6" Pressure bandage (white)

(1) Quick Clot Combat Gauze--current Mil issue

(1) Shears - used to remove clothing/boots/equipment from patient to fully assess extent of injuries


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TTM-SROK (School Resourse Officer Kit)

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