TTM Kit #5 "The Adventure Trauma Kit"
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This comprehensive kit gives the adventurer the ability to deal with minor, as well as major, medical situations. This kit provides the tools to deal with injuries related: to serious bleeding (including gunshot wounds), chest wounds, scrapes, abrasions, breaks/fractures, etc. The contents themselves are individually packed and sterile with instructions on the packaging. The items in this kit are currently in use with the US Military and are battlefield proven.


Included are:

·         Tear-Away MOLLE Pouch with Velcro front (imported)

·        (2) 4" TTM Emergency Pressure Bandage (Israeli)

·        CAT Tourniquet

·         2 packs of compressed gauze

·         Roll Combat Medics Tape

·         2 pairs Nitrile gloves

·         First aid Guide

·         5" Hemostat

·         Pre-Threaded Suture

·         emergency blanket

·         trauma shears

·         scalpel

·         triangular bandage

·         5x9” Ab Pad


·      TTM BBK

    •  1x Firstaid Cream cream
    • 6x 1"x3" Fabric Bandages
    • 2x Knuckle Bandages
    • 2x Finger Bandages
    • 2x Non-Aspirin 
    • 1x Ibuprofen 
    • 1x Aspirin
    • 1x Antacid
    • 2x Hydrocortisone 
    • 2x Triple Antibiotic



** Kits will ship with either Celox or Quick Clot depending on current inventory. 

  • Item #: TTM-ATK
  • Condition: New

TTM Kit #5 "The Adventure Trauma Kit"

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