Survival Handkerchief
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The 5IVE STAR GEAR 1st Aid Survival Handkerchief was created to be a useful tool for just about any outdoor expedition. 

Printed on the bandanna itself are essential survival tips that just might save a life. Included instructions detail how to purify water, set up an emergency shelter, navigate using the stars, first-response first aid, tying reliable knots, recognizing animal tracks and of course, it also can be used as an ordinary bandanna by campers, hikers and survivalists alike.


While the material serves as a handy solution for head/neck protection from the sun, it doubles as an impressive first aid reference guide. The kerchief features detailed instructions and in-depth diagrams for first-response treatment of basic injuries. Bold white-lettering is easy to read and contrasts well against the high-visibility red, which can also be used for signaling in case of an emergency. 5ive Star's all-in-one scarf measures 20 x 20-inches.

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Survival Handkerchief

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