Squad Medics Bag (Stocked)-
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We bought these kits off the surpluss market and re-stocked them with all new items. This kit was developed with the end-user requirements and skills in mind. The kit’s medical supplies were selected to address the top three causes of death from penetrating trauma as identified by the COTCCC (60% extremity bleeding / 33% tension pneumothorax / 6% airway obstruction). Multiple-load carriage configuration capabilities include fanny pack, over the shoulder, attachments for 3-day assault packs and MOLLE style webbing.

Kit Contents:

1 x NAR CCRK® Squad Bag
5 x Pair Black Nitrile Trauma Gloves
2 x Nasopharyngeal Airway 28F with Lubricant
1 x Petrolatum Gauze (3 in. x 18 in.)
1 x HALO Chest Seal (2-pack)
1 x Celox Gauze
2 x Needle Decompression Kit (14 G x 3.25 in.)
2 x 6" Elastic Bandage
2 x Ab Pads (5" x 9")
2 x C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®)
4 x 6 in. Emergency Bandages (white or green depending on stock on hand)
4 x PriMed Gauze™ (4.5 in. x 4.1 yd)
1 x Abdominal Trauma Dressing (H&H, First Care or NAR depending on inventory on hand)
2 x SAM® Splint II
2x Triangular Bandages
1 x Trauma Shears (7.25 in.)
1 x Surgical Tape (2 in.)
1 x NAR Combat Casualty Reference Card
2 x Triage Card (NAR T2 Tag®)


  • Case Closed: H 7.75 in. x W 13 in. x D 9 in.
  • Weight: 4 lb 6.5 oz


Special Features:

  • 500D CORDURA® Solution-Dyed Nylon with Near Infrared Signature Reduction
  • Ghillie-Tex IR signature reduction hardware
  • Sand & water resistant, self-repairing zipper with silent 550 cord pulls
  • Multiple-load carriage configuration capabilities: fanny pack, over the shoulder, attachments for 3-day assault packs and MOLLE style webbing
  • Enhanced Hip Stabilization System for greater security during transport
  • Trauma Shear Storage on Front for Quick Access


 NOTE: Some of the medical devices in these kits requires that users have the supervision of a medical practitioner. Devices requiring such supervision may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only". Ensuring this supervision is your responsibility.



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  • Condition: New

Squad Medics Bag (Stocked)-

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