School/Church Mass Casualty Gift Kit
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12 -4" Pressure Bandages

2 -Hemostaic Gauze

4 -Chest Seals

12 -Tourniquets

12 -4.5"x 4.1 yd. gauze rolls

1 -Acti-Splint w/ wrap

2 -3" Elastic Bandage

12 -Emergency Blankets

12 -Triangular Bandages

2 -Markers

12 -Triage tags

1 -TCCC/3-Phase card

2 -Trauma Shear

10 -pair gloves



So here's the deal. we'll put basically all the "guts" of the kit I put together for my kids school into a plastic bag and send it Flat-Rate USPS to any School/Church in the USA. This is a discounted kit, so it has to be shipped to a school/Church to keep this on the up and up. When you place the order make sure to put the school/churches address and the name of the Nurse/Administrator who will be receiving it in the special instruction/Comments section. Contents may vary from the picture (depending on inventory at the time of the order).

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School/Church Mass Casualty Gift Kit

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