QuikClot Combat Gauze (Z-Fold) - LE
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QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE™ is a soft, white, sterile, nonwoven 3” by 4 yds rolled gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inert mineral that does not contain animal or human proteins or botanicals. Each roll of QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE™ is individually wrapped in an easy rip, military grade foil pouch. Indicated for temporary external control of traumatic bleeding, QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE™ is flexible and pliable and contours to all wounds. 



NOTE: Purchase of this medical device requires that users have the supervision of a medical practitioner. Devices requiring such supervision may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only". Ensuring this supervision is your responsibility.

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QuikClot Combat Gauze (Z-Fold) - LE

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