1 oz Cobalt Glass w/ Dropper
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This is a 30 ml (approximately 1 oz) cobalt boston round glass bottle. Characteristics of the boston round are the rounded shoulders and rounded base. The cobalt blue color lends a cosmetic, medicinal, or pharmaceutical quality as well as a limited protection to light-sensitive products. The collared neck creates a shelf for the lid to visually "rest" on. This comes with a dropper that features a ribbed skirt and a glass tube making it ideal for cosmetic, oil, or chemical applications. The length of the entire dropper is approximately 3.612". The tube length is 2.825". The max draw with one squeeze of the bulb is .8cc.


Diameter 1.21 in / 3.073 cm
Height 3.079 in / 7.821 cm

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1 oz Cobalt Glass w/ Dropper

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